Mirador de La Vega

Duration – about 40 minutes

From the car park continue up the path with the walls of the cemetery and large cacti on your left.

Algorfa Ambles

The track bends sharply left by the top of the cemetery then a few yards further on take a signposted path off to the right. The path meanders along the hillside beyond the top of the cemetery before bending right uphill through some pine trees.  The climb then really starts on a zig zag path that leads up to a now visible electricity pylon on the skyline.


Path to the Mirador as seen across the valley from Route 2

The path levels out at a wooden fence with an information board alongside which gives a description of the features to be seen in the fantastic 180 degree views from there, the Mirador de La Vega.  (The path beyond leads temptingly around the mountains to Redovan and will be explored at a later date.)

Retrace your steps back to the track and the car park.  On the way you can if you wish pay a visit into the top of the vast cemetery.  This sounds very sordid but I found the inscriptions and photographs fascinating and very indicative of the respect given by families to their forebears.  Further down the track, nearer the car park, I took the chance to have a second climb up what I will call

Route 2 – View of Cueva Ahumada – Duration – about 30 minutes.

Algorfa Ambles

About 100 yards up the track from the car park on the right is a signpost pointing to the right and across the first gulleys to a larger information board.

From there take the path that passes to the right hand side of the deep gulley ahead. This path heads steadily upward towards a headland of rock with views over to the left of the Cueva Ahumada and to the right over the Vega.  At the base of the rock face bear right along the clear path that bends round to the left rising to the rear of the headland and arriving at a smooth sloping slab of rock. There is a white rope on the right to help you reach the top of the slab and the headland. The views from here are great.  You are at about the height of the smaller cave that has been visible all along from the car park.   By continuing to follow this path round to the right you could arrive at the cave and explore. Time did not allow it this trip but there is much of this sierra to see in the future.  Retrace your steps back to the car park.

These are real mountains and the landscape is harsh and stony so stout shoes or boots should be worn.  Make sure you have plenty of water as the temperature rises very quickly.  Other than that just enjoy the place – it is beautiful.

With thanks to Denise and Geoff Brooks, Montemar.