Valley of the Rio Seco (Dry River) Walk


rioseco3For an unusual morning’s walk you could try the valley of the Rio Seco.  It is on the fringes of the urbanizacion of Pinar de Campoverde.

You reach this by going first to Pilar de La Horadada, leave the town by the CV 925 then turn right at the first roundabout signposted Campoverde.

Go right to the end of the urbanizacion and follow the signs to Area Natural and park by the visitor centre (open weekends only).

Follow the plan from their website.  The website says it is about 2½ K but it seemed longer.  After passing through the valley there is still about a ¾ mile walk back to the car.

The scenery is excellent and the going fairly easy but it can get hot in the valley so arrive early.  It is an unspoilt area with (apparently) abundant wildlife.

The fact that this can include snakes (according to the information board in Spanish) can make it a little nerve racking if you are squeamish but none appeared during our walk.










There are some nice beaches in the vicinity of Pilar de la Horadada to end the day rather more conventionally or alternatively turn right out of Campoverde urbanisation and go for a meal at the Restaurante Rebate which is just a few k up the road.

With thanks to Denise and Geoff Brooks, Montemar